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Interim Leadership

Running an organization effectively requires a special set of competencies.​ Whether clients need an interim executive to bridge an important transition, carry out a pivotal turnaround, or take the organization to the next level, we are here to help. We specialize not only in the functional skills to manage a team initiative and get the job done, but also in the critical abilities to define the vision, set tangible goals and motivate team members to live up to their greatest potential.


Even the most insightful strategies require disciplined execution in order to achieve breakthrough results. Our team brings an orientation toward careful yet timely action that infuses every aspect of our work. By combining innovative solutions with practical know-how, we help clients align business processes with their operating models. In turn, we create or enhance nimble operations that support real-time reaction to dynamic customer needs and market opportunities.


Leadership & Talent

A turning point in an organization’s growth, such as a merger or acquisition, new business launch/investment, turnaround, or ambitious new strategy, has significant implications for leadership and talent. The people and skills and behavior that may be effective in one context can be much less so in a new situation or a new strategy. Our team is experienced in assessing organizational strengths and opportunities, defining talent strategies and designing leadership and talent interventions.

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